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Home Decoration and Oil Painting Wall Art

 Home Decoration and Oil Painting Wall Art. Whether the designer or the owner of the house, it is not easy to add several decorative paintings to the newly decorated room, which can not only reflect the decorated style, but also show the owner's taste. Decorative painting as a household decoration is not necessary, but if not matched properly, it will greatly affect the whole decoration.

The harmony of decorative design style and interior.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of decorative paintings on the market, such as craft paintings, mounting paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, hand-painted oil paintings and so on. These decorative paintings play an important role in interior decoration, but we think that the most fashionable decorative paintings that can best reflect the identity of guests should be hand-painted.

First of all, whether it is world famous paintings, photographic works or any pictures you can find, can be made into hand-painted oil paintings; secondly, hand-painted oil paintings can be made into any size you want according to your needs; in addition, hand-painted oil paintings can also be customized according to your value orientation, high-quality oil paintings in accordance with your identity, or choose customization, that is, decorative. Fashion oil paintings with good quality and low price. Modern decorative style of room furnishings, mainly Western-style oil painting, gouache, photography, landscape painting and other decorations. Because there is no fixed pattern and relatively free rules for the display of these works of art, some rules must be noticed in the decoration of oil painting art, or there will be errors that blindly copying others and making it look foolish.

 Contemporary Abstract Painting Yellow
 Contemporary Abstract Painting Yellow

Rule 1. When hanging oil paintings, the height of the hanging paintings should be adjusted according to the height of the living room. It is important to adjust the height of the hanging paintings according to the light condition of the living room. Because the oil paintings are very easy to reflect light, if directly facing the positive light source, it will affect the angle of the picture. In order to achieve a better visual effect, the front and upper side light is used to make the light source at the suspension consistent with the light source painted.

Rule 2. Hang painting height from the ground 1.5-1 .8 M is appropriate. There is a golden section to determine the height of the painting. The central position of the oil painting is 0.618 of the wall height on this golden section point.Because hanging too low is not conducive to the protection and appreciation of the picture, hanging too high, so that the viewers look up, the picture will produce perspective distortion.

Rule 3. If you want to hang a number of oil paintings, you should consider the distance between the painting and the painting, and you should avoid secrecy. Oil paintings with the same picture should have the same spacing, but they should not be arranged and hung regularly. They have a certain sense of dislocation, which makes the whole picture have a change of light, weight and warmth. For works with inconsistent pictures, attention should be paid to the neatness of the bottom and the consistency of the tilt of the picture. Large paintings should have a certain space distance for long-distance appreciation.

Rule 4. Oil paintings should not be displayed in glass frames. Although glass is good for protecting the picture, it is easier for glass to reflect light and affect the viewing effect. When hanging, there should be no hanging rope to show the picture frame, that is, the so-called dark hanging, which is different from the hanging of the picture works.

 Feather Painting Wall Art
 Feather Painting Wall Art

Speaking of abstractionism, Mr. Darcy said that it can also be divided into cold abstraction and hot abstraction. I thought to myself: whatever abstraction it is, I can't understand it anyway. Indeed, abstractionism is so mysterious in the eyes of most people. It is a proper school of "three nothingness": irregular, disorderly and unintelligible. It is said that the abstract painter relies on intuition and imagination when drawing. Compared with other schools, it is very subjective and completely changes according to the change of the painter's consciousness when painting.

Jackson Pollock, the representative of abstractionism, once said, "When I draw, I don't know what I'm doing." You see, even artists are sometimes obscured by their paintings, let alone us.

Abstractionism is the coolest of all schools. Because it completely does not follow the routine, the general painter painting will use the easel, palette, brush and so on, abstractionism is using sticks, mud knives, scrapers or broken glass... Are you gaping?

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Servicing Skills of Pure Hands Painting

1. Large Canvas Art Sale Oil painting hanging surface will end up being long-term release of dirt stains, can be lightly wiped with wet cloth cleaning cloth; if presently there is oil fume on it, you can use a new little detergent and drinking water, gently try out to wash, and and then quickly consider absorbent items to dry out the normal water on typically the screen, after which take typically the fan to be able to blow the water away.

2 . A new Large Abstract Art Cheap painting to be able to avoid long lasting direct sunlight, because the shade of ultraviolet rays is destructive which may trigger fading and yellowing.

3. When painting within scrolls, Extra Large Abstract Art For Sale need to end up being spread out for the thicker drum and rolled directly into thigh shape.

some. Artwork is very very sensitive and many avoids hard accidents. Avoid being punctured just like supports and other comparable things. In case you accidentally contact a new small hard injury, you are able to use warm water to level the area of the painting.

a few. Wet paintings must become dried slowly to avoid exposure to the sun, normally the picture will decline easily.

6. To hang up the painted house, we have to be aware of ventilation and moisture-proof through the restroom, the kitchen is a long way away. We all should pay attention to be able to protecting against dust, olive oil blow up, triggering mildew harm to be able to the canvas, and keep the area at a new certain temp and dampness.

7. Avoid the two tag pictures around the Custom Canvas Painting. As soon as the heat rises, the particular sticking of the image may cause the particular sticking paint to tumble away from and the photo to be able to be damaged.

8. In the event you come across cracks inside works of art for a year, you must use less water and dry them regionally. General paintings can conserve two or three 100 years. With time, some art may appear cracks decades later. Therefore, in the event you acquire a lot of performs that you don't hang, you could wrap these people in plastic cloth make them within wooden bins.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hand-painted art oil painting to enhance the taste of home decoration

Under the situation that people are demanding more and more for home decoration, Oversized Canvas Art oil painting is quietly entering ordinary people's homes. It is a kind of art that shows cultural taste, host's interest, hobby and self-cultivation. It integrates with the modern living room and creates a special space with the flavor of the times and artistic individuality. Custom Abstract Art is an organic part of home decoration. It should not be separated from decoration, but should be consistent with the style of home decoration Large Abstract Wall Art. As for its content, it can vary with personal preferences and seasons. Secondly, the color of oil paintings should be in harmony with the living environment.

   Custom Abstract Wall Art and Custom Abstract Canvas Paintings

For example, when spring is approaching, we can hang the rural landscape works with broad vision and bright colors, so that people can feel the breath of spring without going out.

In summer, you can hang a passionate sea view or a fresh and elegant snow view, which will bring a bit of cool to the hot summer.

In autumn, you can hang bold and colorful landscape paintings, giving people a joy of autumn harvest.

In winter, colorful flowers and still life can be hung to make the quiet winter glow with the vitality of spring.

Choosing Big Abstract Painting requires a sense of quality. Better refined than miscellaneous, less rather than more, otherwise it will add to the picture. It is not necessary to demand the works of famous artists, but it is also necessary to avoid the works that have no artistic value. Although not for celebrities, but for "quality". The so-called fine works here refer to works that can reflect their own ideals and interests, place their pursuit of beauty, and have exquisite skills. Only works that resonate with one's own thoughts can be regarded as "exquisite works".

The position of the hanging oil painting is very important, which is closely related to its function of decorating and beautifying the room. If the location is chosen properly, the master's layout will be more elaborate with fewer wins; if the location is not chosen properly, no more exquisite products will have a visual focus, which will show chaos and will not play a role of beautification.

Family wall is the focus of family decoration, do not hang calendar, printed product and copies of many famous paintings that are not clear at all.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Characteristics of Western Modernist Oil Painting

The so-called western Extra Large Modern Canvas Art refers to some schools of Modern Wall Art developed in western countries from the beginning of the twentieth century - the Beast School, Cubism, Futurism, Dada School, Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstractionism, Pop Art and so on.

The emergence of Western modernist art has its political, economic, cultural and philosophical historical origins, which are closely related to the process of modern western society. After the British bourgeois industrial revolution in the 17th century, a series of changes caused by the new technological revolution led to corresponding changes in the social structure, people's thoughts, consciousness, values, relations between people and so on. Reflected in the field of fine arts, the newly developed modern science, with its practical effects and achievements, has promoted people to adopt a more open attitude towards artistic innovation; the growing maturity of photography technology has seriously shaken the painting belief that imitation of nature is the whole purpose; the introduction of Oriental Art and African Extra Large Black and White Art represented by Japanese prints has greatly stimulated the simplification. Under the influence of Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche's philosophical thoughts and Freudian psychology, a group of painters opposed the repression of rationality and the shackles of tradition, attached importance to intuition and subconscious activities, artistically not satisfied with the reproduction of objective things, but focused on the "self-expression" of the heart; various contradictions and drawbacks of the Western real society, in particular, in the following aspects: The painter's works also produce direct or refractive reflection, so Handmade Abstract Art is the inevitable product of the development of modern Western society.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

flower wall arts- Paul klee, eternal life from pain

Flower wall arts-Even if you have seen Zurich's modern, elegant lausanne,Large Abstract Art Sale
 I believe you will still fall in love with Bern's casual and easy.
This small town drifts slowly away from the edge of the world.Contemporary Canvas Art Its old town still looks medieval, and the Bern people with the "bear" character still have the look of the past.
Bern makes people forget that house prices are soaring, stock indexes are changing, Extra Large Contemporary Wall Art and they don't want to work hard for their jobs or bosses. Bern makes people feel their existence and think about the meaning of living.
Bern people are obsessed with the past and with modern art.
On that day, red streetcars took us away from the relatively prosperous city center and appeared in an empty space where three waves met, the proud Paul klee museum of art in Bern.
Painless repression
The narrator tells us that there is a key to understanding klee's work, and that if you can understand the artist's relentless search for the origin of life in his paintings, using abstract lines and blocks of color to express philosophical propositions, then you will be able to read the meaning behind these blocks and lines.Cleary was first influenced by the expressionism of goya, enso and kubin, and was greatly inspired by the works of van gogh, Matisse and Cezanne.
In Germany, klee worked with masters of color Robert deroni, auguste marko, Franz marke and vassily kandinsky.Original Extra Large Wall Art
The experience of traveling in Tunisia in Africa gave klee's work a special color.
On the second floor are paintings from various periods of klee's life.
For the artist's personal experience, his paintings have a kind of depression, but the curious thing is that you feel that stress is not only the pain, some incredibly still depressed very nice dream, such as the mother's portrait of compliment to give people life, while the left side of the portrait had a glittering and translucent tears, however, began to pain of life, let a person feel a kind of sleeping magnanimous smile.
There was often something puzzling in klee's paintings. Dogs were not like dogs or horses, animals with innocent faces, girls with blue faces with crocodile mouths -- his own answer was that the artist was imitating the forces of birth and creation just as children imitate us in games.
Alexander klee, klee's grandson and heir apparent, was determined to build an art gallery for his grandfather.
He is as much a painter as his grandfather is a photographer.
He donated part of klee's work to the city of Bern.
A private sponsor provided land for the city government and contributed to the construction fund, in addition, individuals and foundations also invested in the centre.
Italian architect renzo piano was responsible for the design and construction of the entire center.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

DE kooning-flower wall art

Flower wall art-WillemDeKooning (1904--1997) was born in Rotterdam,Great Big Canvas  the Netherlands, on April 24, 1904.
He started working for a commercial art and decoration company when he was 14 and went to night classes at Rotterdam's art and technology academy.
In 1924, he visited Belgium, visited its museums and studied in Brussels and Antwerp.
At 22, he immigrated from the Netherlands to New Jersey to work as a painter.
The following year,Black And White Painting he came to New York to make a living as a commercial artist and continued to paint.
In New York, he met his lifelong best friend, golgi, who painted in a studio and watched and learned and influenced each other.
In the 1930s, painting was in vogue for cubism and surrealism. After Hitler came to power, many German painters moved to New York. They brought abstract painting and expressionism.
Bathed in these trends,Contemporary PaintingDE kooning developed his own personal style, emerging among New York painters.
In the first ten years of his life in America, as before, he lived on commercial art and sometimes had to do something else.
Thus, until the late 1930s, he was hired by the New York world's fair as a fresco producer for the federal arts program.
From then on, his paintings could bring him stable income, so he gave up commercial art completely and concentrated on the exploration of painting art.

DE kooning began his first "women" series in 1938.
In the 1940s, he became a figure in the abstract expressionist camp.
His first solo exhibition in 1948 established his reputation as a leading contemporary artist.LARGE ABSTRACT CANVAS ART. GREEN, YELLOW, BEIGE, GREY, RED, ORANGE

DE kooning's works focus on the three series of abstractions, women and men, and among them, especially the women series, it is actually almost consistent with his painting career.
He regarded painting as the process of experiencing, expressing and realizing freedom. He created painting with the passion of dancing performance, which was almost exaggerated in the eyes of others. In this point, he was the same as pollock's bouncing.
In his paintings, no matter the image or abstract content, there is no restriction, composition, space, perspective, balance, and other traditional painting techniques and aesthetic concepts are swept away.
He hated all the restrictions that were placed on painting.
Excavations, which was selected for the 1955 Venice biennale, notes that "colour has clearly returned to painting, the pink, white and yellow of memorable Dutch women.
Color also denotes something even sexier, the opening of the body to be slit is full of red..
Color eventually gives the embedded diamond shape a rare intensity, in which the viewer's eyes merge with the eye in the painting."

Friday, November 9, 2018

How to choose and maintain oil brushes?-flower wall art-abstract art painting on sale

Flower wall art-abstract art painting on sale
An oil brush consists of three parts: a pen holder, a metal hoop and a bristle.
The quality of oil brushes depends on the hair of the brush.Great Big Canvas  When buying brush, check whether the thickness of the brush is uniform and natural. It should not be trimmed.
Store-bought paintbrush hairs are usually glued together, and should not be spread out after being twisted by hand, and should be checked to see if the metal hoops are firm and have horizontal ripples.
Finally, see if the paintbrush in the hand is comfortable.

Oil brushes, if properly kept, can extend their life.
Brush should be cleaned in time after use, so as not to dry the paint on the brush,Big Canvas Art and should be cleaned thoroughly and sealed with paper when not in use for a long time.

(1) if it is not used for a short time, the paint remaining on the brush can be wiped off with cloth or paper, and then soaked in water after being cleaned with turpentine.

(2) to clean the used brush with turpentine, prepare two wide-mouthed bottles of turpentine (if the sauce bottle is used), one for preliminary cleaning and remove the remaining paint on the brush;
The other is used for the second cleaning.

(3) method of thorough cleaning.

After cleaning with turpentine, rub the pen with water or warm water on the soap (note: do not use boiled water,Large Canvas Art  because the hot water damages the metal hoop of the brush).

The holder squeezes with the fingers or turns the bristles in the palm of the hand.

Repeat until the soap turns white.

Flush with clean water, straighten pen hair, with a bit of hard paper wrapped pen storage, to use after.

When cleaning the brush, the force should be moderate, otherwise easy to hurt the brush.
The liquid soap must be weak alkali soap (there is a special brush washing soap in foreign countries) to prevent the hair from hardening.
Can use silk wool scour, cannot use paint thinner absolutely, it can make pen wool because lose oily and embrittlement.
A short brush is usually discarded. If you heat a metal hoop over a flame and pull the brush out a little without changing the shape of the brush, you can extend the life of the brush, which is not only economical but also interesting.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Decorative picture of doorway framework

If you choose to add vitality in order to your home, you can try to use the next door frame decorative flower wall art-abstract art painting on sale, with the door frame decorative painting will end up being no longer monotonous your door, and the look of door frame ornamental painting also makes you look very artistic.

Doorway frame decorative picture : judge the direction associated with selection
Door frame add on picture must position moderate, size is appropriate, the Main Line of adornment picture should be on the height that will inspects even line, such ability allows us to see add on picture as soon as taking the door, have excellent adornment effect, the position that will hangs is exorbitant or too low is unacceptable.

Door frame decorative picture - refer to corresponding size
Besides this the size of adornment image must not hyperbole, want to notice and the scale of cabinet or even other furniture, cannot as well big latter too small, can have the false impression of top-heavy lightness or else, such not only are not able to rise the result of adornment, and still can assist reverse favour, let door body adornment picture very depressive.

Door frame adornment picture - the style that notices other furnishings
If the door is classic style, then decorative artwork can also choose vintage style, wooden frame ornamental painting, if the doorway has a pattern associated with flower rattan, that ornamental painting can also possess flower rattan elements, this really is echo.
Besides the style that matchs adornment image according to the furniture around outdoors, still can undertake selecting adornment picture according in order to integral interior style, the house that resembles Chinese language style, style can hang flower bird picture or even landscape picture to consider door frame as add on picture.

Door frame ornamental picture - duration of door is considered for selection
If be the doorway frame adornment picture associated with long and narrow design, enter indoor have hallway namely, not be immediate enter the door in order to enter indoor, to this kind of door, we can select a little bigger adornment picture to hang on the particular wall of long  and narrow door, can cushion visual fatigue feeling therefore, also won't let the door appear very drab.

Door frame flower wall art-abstract art painting on sale - the purchase is based on the overall environment
Actually door framework adornment picture is really important to indoor whole environment, so the option is determined by a reliable door frame adornment picture is usually very necessary absolutely!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Blank walls are too easy?Various art forms lift your walls

Most modern people are fond of simple and relaxed adornment effect, leave white wall also be a kind of simple beauty.But with the extension of living time, inevitably will feel empty.Use your imagination, and some simple poses can nstantly lift your walls!

1. Photo wall decoration
Picture frames of different sizes, photos with good memories, and the combination of them together instantly enhance the sense of wall art. Besides, making photos and appreciating photos can also be a very happy thing.
The sofa background wall of photo and round clock is also very attractive, full of modern art atmosphere!
Hanging a square grid on the wall, each photo is manually clamped with a clip, free from the restriction of picture frame, can be designed at any Angle, with a fresh breeze!
The landscape art that 3 size are same hang a picture to combine together, give a person a kind of ancient charm colour, for sitting room adornment add cent not little!
2. Small green plant decoration
Small green plants on the wall design, feel the walls like "alive" up!Full of vitality, with a full high sense!
The underground part of the plant growth profile, people feel the tenacity of life, beautiful and lasting!
Round flower POTS, drooping stems and leaves, unique style, is there a feeling of being in nature?
Regular hexagon frame, can put all sorts of different adornment in the middle, need not spend too much idea to be designed in metope, also can build a unique fashionable lasting appeal!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Get a Mudroom Flooring That’s Strong and Gorgeous As well

Appropriate flooring options abound. Among them: record, brick, ceramic tile, cement, linoleum and vinyl. Since for bad flooring options, you might want to shy away from laminate. According to Katy Gresham, showroom manager at Elite Flooring Specialists in Hartford, Connecticut, laminate “can't endure to standing water — it gets into the seams, and it swells up. It’s a great floor, but it just doesn't work effectively in a mudroom. ”

Hardwood is also a tricky choice. “Although it’s generally finished with polyurethane, which slashes down on water harm, ” Gresham says, “it’s still less durable as a ceramic tile or stone. In case you still want a wood floor, just be sure to put down a mat or a boot tray to keep the wear and tear to a minimum. ”Here are some high-functioning mudrooms with floors that are worth a glance Two sizes and shades of natural slate constitute this handsome mudroom floor. Along the edges are 12-inch-square gray slate ceramic tiles, while 3- by 6-inch tiles in a variegated shade fill the center. The subtle paint colors, White Heron and Offer Beige, are from Benjamin Moore.

This mudroom in a New Hampshire country home features floors of durable Tuscan terra-cotta tile from PavĂ© Tile. A salvaged pine bench provides seating and space for footwear storage. The muted color scheme is especially nice — the wainscoting is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Mosaic Tile; the cut, Papaya.
Packed with storage space, this handsome mudroom has a ceramic black and white tile floor which has a classic look. (Be forewarned: Black and white checkerboards can be challenging to keep clean. )

The particular benches are topped with quartersawn white oak, while pale gray paint addresses the wall and contrasts with the creamy cabinets.
This small mudroom features 12-inch-squares of commercial-grade vinyl fabric composition tile laid in a diagonal checkerboard design. The all-in-one storage unit features a stained walnut-topped bench, storage cubbies and hooks for dangling coats and umbrellas.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Georgia Swimming pool House Swims in Luxurious Features

The list of requirements for this pool house included an exercise space, a kitchen, room for lounging and plenty of entertainment for the energetic Georgia family who utilizes it. Designer Beth Weltlich, architect Cynthia Karegeannes and

contractor Clark Harris put their heads together to create a beautiful and successful multipurpose retreat. A modern interior, durable materials and luxurious additions — including a putting green and an outdoor kitchen — turned

this one, 244-square-foot space into a dream backyard haven.
one. Installing the stunning cedar beams and ceiling was a huge job, and one of contractor Clark Harris' favorite areas of the task.
2. The chic and classic pieces in this pool house mix materials, styles and price ranges.
3. Designer Beth Weltlich selected rugs, fabrics and other materials for their style as well as their ability to endure wear and tear.
4. A galley kitchen made sense for a room where the clients want to have drinks and snacks at hand but nobody will have to cook a five-course meal.

5. Regarding continuity, the kitchen and the bathroom share the same backsplash. Durable quartz counter tops make sense for a room that sees a great deal of use. Harris selected windows with seeded cup for private areas that still needed extra light.
6. An exercise room upstairs, including a sloped interior putting green, offers family and friends another spot to play.
7. The pool house's cedar facade and windows were oriented to place the chandelier in view from the primary house's kitchen window.

Home Decoration and Oil Painting Wall Art

 Home Decoration and Oil Painting Wall Art . Whether the designer or the owner of the house, it is not easy to add several decorative painti...