Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Georgia Swimming pool House Swims in Luxurious Features

The list of requirements for this pool house included an exercise space, a kitchen, room for lounging and plenty of entertainment for the energetic Georgia family who utilizes it. Designer Beth Weltlich, architect Cynthia Karegeannes and

contractor Clark Harris put their heads together to create a beautiful and successful multipurpose retreat. A modern interior, durable materials and luxurious additions — including a putting green and an outdoor kitchen — turned

this one, 244-square-foot space into a dream backyard haven.
one. Installing the stunning cedar beams and ceiling was a huge job, and one of contractor Clark Harris' favorite areas of the task.
2. The chic and classic pieces in this pool house mix materials, styles and price ranges.
3. Designer Beth Weltlich selected rugs, fabrics and other materials for their style as well as their ability to endure wear and tear.
4. A galley kitchen made sense for a room where the clients want to have drinks and snacks at hand but nobody will have to cook a five-course meal.

5. Regarding continuity, the kitchen and the bathroom share the same backsplash. Durable quartz counter tops make sense for a room that sees a great deal of use. Harris selected windows with seeded cup for private areas that still needed extra light.
6. An exercise room upstairs, including a sloped interior putting green, offers family and friends another spot to play.
7. The pool house's cedar facade and windows were oriented to place the chandelier in view from the primary house's kitchen window.

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