Monday, October 22, 2018

Blank walls are too easy?Various art forms lift your walls

Most modern people are fond of simple and relaxed adornment effect, leave white wall also be a kind of simple beauty.But with the extension of living time, inevitably will feel empty.Use your imagination, and some simple poses can nstantly lift your walls!

1. Photo wall decoration
Picture frames of different sizes, photos with good memories, and the combination of them together instantly enhance the sense of wall art. Besides, making photos and appreciating photos can also be a very happy thing.
The sofa background wall of photo and round clock is also very attractive, full of modern art atmosphere!
Hanging a square grid on the wall, each photo is manually clamped with a clip, free from the restriction of picture frame, can be designed at any Angle, with a fresh breeze!
The landscape art that 3 size are same hang a picture to combine together, give a person a kind of ancient charm colour, for sitting room adornment add cent not little!
2. Small green plant decoration
Small green plants on the wall design, feel the walls like "alive" up!Full of vitality, with a full high sense!
The underground part of the plant growth profile, people feel the tenacity of life, beautiful and lasting!
Round flower POTS, drooping stems and leaves, unique style, is there a feeling of being in nature?
Regular hexagon frame, can put all sorts of different adornment in the middle, need not spend too much idea to be designed in metope, also can build a unique fashionable lasting appeal!

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