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How to choose and maintain oil brushes?-flower wall art-abstract art painting on sale

Flower wall art-abstract art painting on sale
An oil brush consists of three parts: a pen holder, a metal hoop and a bristle.
The quality of oil brushes depends on the hair of the brush.Great Big Canvas  When buying brush, check whether the thickness of the brush is uniform and natural. It should not be trimmed.
Store-bought paintbrush hairs are usually glued together, and should not be spread out after being twisted by hand, and should be checked to see if the metal hoops are firm and have horizontal ripples.
Finally, see if the paintbrush in the hand is comfortable.

Oil brushes, if properly kept, can extend their life.
Brush should be cleaned in time after use, so as not to dry the paint on the brush,Big Canvas Art and should be cleaned thoroughly and sealed with paper when not in use for a long time.

(1) if it is not used for a short time, the paint remaining on the brush can be wiped off with cloth or paper, and then soaked in water after being cleaned with turpentine.

(2) to clean the used brush with turpentine, prepare two wide-mouthed bottles of turpentine (if the sauce bottle is used), one for preliminary cleaning and remove the remaining paint on the brush;
The other is used for the second cleaning.

(3) method of thorough cleaning.

After cleaning with turpentine, rub the pen with water or warm water on the soap (note: do not use boiled water,Large Canvas Art  because the hot water damages the metal hoop of the brush).

The holder squeezes with the fingers or turns the bristles in the palm of the hand.

Repeat until the soap turns white.

Flush with clean water, straighten pen hair, with a bit of hard paper wrapped pen storage, to use after.

When cleaning the brush, the force should be moderate, otherwise easy to hurt the brush.
The liquid soap must be weak alkali soap (there is a special brush washing soap in foreign countries) to prevent the hair from hardening.
Can use silk wool scour, cannot use paint thinner absolutely, it can make pen wool because lose oily and embrittlement.
A short brush is usually discarded. If you heat a metal hoop over a flame and pull the brush out a little without changing the shape of the brush, you can extend the life of the brush, which is not only economical but also interesting.

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