Friday, December 21, 2018

Characteristics of Western Modernist Oil Painting

The so-called western Extra Large Modern Canvas Art refers to some schools of Modern Wall Art developed in western countries from the beginning of the twentieth century - the Beast School, Cubism, Futurism, Dada School, Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstractionism, Pop Art and so on.

The emergence of Western modernist art has its political, economic, cultural and philosophical historical origins, which are closely related to the process of modern western society. After the British bourgeois industrial revolution in the 17th century, a series of changes caused by the new technological revolution led to corresponding changes in the social structure, people's thoughts, consciousness, values, relations between people and so on. Reflected in the field of fine arts, the newly developed modern science, with its practical effects and achievements, has promoted people to adopt a more open attitude towards artistic innovation; the growing maturity of photography technology has seriously shaken the painting belief that imitation of nature is the whole purpose; the introduction of Oriental Art and African Extra Large Black and White Art represented by Japanese prints has greatly stimulated the simplification. Under the influence of Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche's philosophical thoughts and Freudian psychology, a group of painters opposed the repression of rationality and the shackles of tradition, attached importance to intuition and subconscious activities, artistically not satisfied with the reproduction of objective things, but focused on the "self-expression" of the heart; various contradictions and drawbacks of the Western real society, in particular, in the following aspects: The painter's works also produce direct or refractive reflection, so Handmade Abstract Art is the inevitable product of the development of modern Western society.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

flower wall arts- Paul klee, eternal life from pain

Flower wall arts-Even if you have seen Zurich's modern, elegant lausanne,Large Abstract Art Sale
 I believe you will still fall in love with Bern's casual and easy.
This small town drifts slowly away from the edge of the world.Contemporary Canvas Art Its old town still looks medieval, and the Bern people with the "bear" character still have the look of the past.
Bern makes people forget that house prices are soaring, stock indexes are changing, Extra Large Contemporary Wall Art and they don't want to work hard for their jobs or bosses. Bern makes people feel their existence and think about the meaning of living.
Bern people are obsessed with the past and with modern art.
On that day, red streetcars took us away from the relatively prosperous city center and appeared in an empty space where three waves met, the proud Paul klee museum of art in Bern.
Painless repression
The narrator tells us that there is a key to understanding klee's work, and that if you can understand the artist's relentless search for the origin of life in his paintings, using abstract lines and blocks of color to express philosophical propositions, then you will be able to read the meaning behind these blocks and lines.Cleary was first influenced by the expressionism of goya, enso and kubin, and was greatly inspired by the works of van gogh, Matisse and Cezanne.
In Germany, klee worked with masters of color Robert deroni, auguste marko, Franz marke and vassily kandinsky.Original Extra Large Wall Art
The experience of traveling in Tunisia in Africa gave klee's work a special color.
On the second floor are paintings from various periods of klee's life.
For the artist's personal experience, his paintings have a kind of depression, but the curious thing is that you feel that stress is not only the pain, some incredibly still depressed very nice dream, such as the mother's portrait of compliment to give people life, while the left side of the portrait had a glittering and translucent tears, however, began to pain of life, let a person feel a kind of sleeping magnanimous smile.
There was often something puzzling in klee's paintings. Dogs were not like dogs or horses, animals with innocent faces, girls with blue faces with crocodile mouths -- his own answer was that the artist was imitating the forces of birth and creation just as children imitate us in games.
Alexander klee, klee's grandson and heir apparent, was determined to build an art gallery for his grandfather.
He is as much a painter as his grandfather is a photographer.
He donated part of klee's work to the city of Bern.
A private sponsor provided land for the city government and contributed to the construction fund, in addition, individuals and foundations also invested in the centre.
Italian architect renzo piano was responsible for the design and construction of the entire center.

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