Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hand-painted art oil painting to enhance the taste of home decoration

Under the situation that people are demanding more and more for home decoration, Oversized Canvas Art oil painting is quietly entering ordinary people's homes. It is a kind of art that shows cultural taste, host's interest, hobby and self-cultivation. It integrates with the modern living room and creates a special space with the flavor of the times and artistic individuality. Custom Abstract Art is an organic part of home decoration. It should not be separated from decoration, but should be consistent with the style of home decoration Large Abstract Wall Art. As for its content, it can vary with personal preferences and seasons. Secondly, the color of oil paintings should be in harmony with the living environment.

   Custom Abstract Wall Art and Custom Abstract Canvas Paintings

For example, when spring is approaching, we can hang the rural landscape works with broad vision and bright colors, so that people can feel the breath of spring without going out.

In summer, you can hang a passionate sea view or a fresh and elegant snow view, which will bring a bit of cool to the hot summer.

In autumn, you can hang bold and colorful landscape paintings, giving people a joy of autumn harvest.

In winter, colorful flowers and still life can be hung to make the quiet winter glow with the vitality of spring.

Choosing Big Abstract Painting requires a sense of quality. Better refined than miscellaneous, less rather than more, otherwise it will add to the picture. It is not necessary to demand the works of famous artists, but it is also necessary to avoid the works that have no artistic value. Although not for celebrities, but for "quality". The so-called fine works here refer to works that can reflect their own ideals and interests, place their pursuit of beauty, and have exquisite skills. Only works that resonate with one's own thoughts can be regarded as "exquisite works".

The position of the hanging oil painting is very important, which is closely related to its function of decorating and beautifying the room. If the location is chosen properly, the master's layout will be more elaborate with fewer wins; if the location is not chosen properly, no more exquisite products will have a visual focus, which will show chaos and will not play a role of beautification.

Family wall is the focus of family decoration, do not hang calendar, printed product and copies of many famous paintings that are not clear at all.

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