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Home Decoration and Oil Painting Wall Art

 Home Decoration and Oil Painting Wall Art. Whether the designer or the owner of the house, it is not easy to add several decorative paintings to the newly decorated room, which can not only reflect the decorated style, but also show the owner's taste. Decorative painting as a household decoration is not necessary, but if not matched properly, it will greatly affect the whole decoration.

The harmony of decorative design style and interior.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of decorative paintings on the market, such as craft paintings, mounting paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, hand-painted oil paintings and so on. These decorative paintings play an important role in interior decoration, but we think that the most fashionable decorative paintings that can best reflect the identity of guests should be hand-painted.

First of all, whether it is world famous paintings, photographic works or any pictures you can find, can be made into hand-painted oil paintings; secondly, hand-painted oil paintings can be made into any size you want according to your needs; in addition, hand-painted oil paintings can also be customized according to your value orientation, high-quality oil paintings in accordance with your identity, or choose customization, that is, decorative. Fashion oil paintings with good quality and low price. Modern decorative style of room furnishings, mainly Western-style oil painting, gouache, photography, landscape painting and other decorations. Because there is no fixed pattern and relatively free rules for the display of these works of art, some rules must be noticed in the decoration of oil painting art, or there will be errors that blindly copying others and making it look foolish.

 Contemporary Abstract Painting Yellow
 Contemporary Abstract Painting Yellow

Rule 1. When hanging oil paintings, the height of the hanging paintings should be adjusted according to the height of the living room. It is important to adjust the height of the hanging paintings according to the light condition of the living room. Because the oil paintings are very easy to reflect light, if directly facing the positive light source, it will affect the angle of the picture. In order to achieve a better visual effect, the front and upper side light is used to make the light source at the suspension consistent with the light source painted.

Rule 2. Hang painting height from the ground 1.5-1 .8 M is appropriate. There is a golden section to determine the height of the painting. The central position of the oil painting is 0.618 of the wall height on this golden section point.Because hanging too low is not conducive to the protection and appreciation of the picture, hanging too high, so that the viewers look up, the picture will produce perspective distortion.

Rule 3. If you want to hang a number of oil paintings, you should consider the distance between the painting and the painting, and you should avoid secrecy. Oil paintings with the same picture should have the same spacing, but they should not be arranged and hung regularly. They have a certain sense of dislocation, which makes the whole picture have a change of light, weight and warmth. For works with inconsistent pictures, attention should be paid to the neatness of the bottom and the consistency of the tilt of the picture. Large paintings should have a certain space distance for long-distance appreciation.

Rule 4. Oil paintings should not be displayed in glass frames. Although glass is good for protecting the picture, it is easier for glass to reflect light and affect the viewing effect. When hanging, there should be no hanging rope to show the picture frame, that is, the so-called dark hanging, which is different from the hanging of the picture works.

 Feather Painting Wall Art
 Feather Painting Wall Art

Speaking of abstractionism, Mr. Darcy said that it can also be divided into cold abstraction and hot abstraction. I thought to myself: whatever abstraction it is, I can't understand it anyway. Indeed, abstractionism is so mysterious in the eyes of most people. It is a proper school of "three nothingness": irregular, disorderly and unintelligible. It is said that the abstract painter relies on intuition and imagination when drawing. Compared with other schools, it is very subjective and completely changes according to the change of the painter's consciousness when painting.

Jackson Pollock, the representative of abstractionism, once said, "When I draw, I don't know what I'm doing." You see, even artists are sometimes obscured by their paintings, let alone us.

Abstractionism is the coolest of all schools. Because it completely does not follow the routine, the general painter painting will use the easel, palette, brush and so on, abstractionism is using sticks, mud knives, scrapers or broken glass... Are you gaping?

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