Saturday, December 28, 2019

tips for hanging art

nowadays the wall art decor is more and more popular to enhance the home atmosphere. today we will gonna talk about how to decor wall with hand-painted abstract canvas art.

1.sofa background wall painting decoration
There are many decoration design schemes for sofa background walls. Such as using a plaster line, Or a simple wallpaper, There are also some storage grids for decoration. Of course, more families will choose to hang pictures for decoration.

In the hanging picture decoration of the living room sofa background wall, we must first look at the size of the living room. If the living room space is small, then we can use some large canvas painting for decoration so that the living room as a whole looks more atmospheric; of course, we can also consider using some small hanging pictures to match the large wall art make space is more layered. Specific design solutions, we can refer to the following cases.

2. dining room background wall painting decoration
the dining room is a place for family dining, it should be designed to be more warmly. The most important thing about the decoration of the dining room is the lighting design. Of course, the wall paintings are also very important.

The layout of the dining room hanging pictures can refer to the design of the background wall of the living room sofa. However, due to the small area of the dining room itself, when designing the hanging painting, it needs to be more delicate and warm. For example, some families directly use a large hanging painting for decoration, which also looks very beautiful and elegant.

3.wall painting design of hallway and stairs
If the hallway space of your home is relatively narrow, then it is recommended to make some hanging pictures, so that the decoration will not make the hallway look very monotonous.

The other is the painting design of the staircase. Generally, we need to follow the fluctuation of the stairs to make an oblique painting design pattern.

In fact, the application scenes of hanging pictures are relatively extensive, including bedrooms and corners, you can consider using abstract modern art. For example, some families have a separate study, so hanging a painting with a scent of scent in the study can make people feel that the room owner is more tasteful; for the design of the corner of the wall, decorate some paintings, and then decorate with lamps This will definitely create a leisure space for you to put it down.

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